Lilly Baby Romper

So I'm 7 months into my knitting journey, what can I say... I'm completely hooked! (Is that a pun? I'm not sure.. let's just forget I said that!) I've just finished my first garment & I've named it the Lilly Romper after my cute little niece Lilly-Rose. I don't think I've done tooooo bad for my first time. I wish the ribbing stitches matched but it was my first time picking up stitches so I can't complain. I used James C Brett Top Vaule DK Yarn in colour 8422, it is such a lovely colour and the price is amazing don't get me wrong but I'm not going to use this again for any patterns for a baby or clothes to be honest! It just doesn't feel nice to touch. Next time I think I might use a cotton!

Welcome to Meek Mouse

What is Meek Mouse?

Meek Mouse is a new brand I've been thinking about making for years! Meek Mouse is going to revolve around my love of art & crafts; Photography, Knitting, Design, etc etc.

Who is Meek Mouse?

Meek Mouse is Me!... Michaela Palmer, a Twenty-Six year old from Leeds.

Why Meek Mouse?

Meek means "Quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on" which quite sums me up & Mouse is the nickname my Dad called me.